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Stroke Of Genius Launches, Provides Sexy Hands-On Experience For Women

Turn Him On And Make Him Addicted To You With The Stroke Of Genius

Two years after the record-breaking release of Language of Desire, Michael Fiore and the team at Digital Romance, Inc. have launched their next relationship product designed to help women improve their relationships with men.  It’s called Stroke of Genius: The Ultimate Handjob Handbook.

It’s quite fitting that Stroke of Genius, a program about handjobs, comes on the coattails of the Language of Desire, a program about talking dirty.  Combined together, these two guides give women incredible sexual power over men.

The Stroke of Genius is authored by Cassidy Lyon, a woman who fell victim to one of the most devastating handjob horror stories of all time.  Listen to her tell-all in this video.

That embarrassing and life-changing experience led Cassidy to learn everything she could about handjobs and touching a man “down there” in a way that turns him on, sexually arouses him, and makes him addicted to a woman’s touch.

The Stroke of Genius was created for every woman who has ever felt awkward, uncomfortable, or just plain terrified about touching a man’s private parts.  It’s about stroking and touching a man in a way that makes him feel more connected to you.  When a man feels truly connected, you never have to worry about him straying, and he’ll work tirelessly to ensure you have everything you want, need, and desire in the relationship.

If you think you already know everything there is to know about handjobs, touching a man, and turning him on, this shocking video might change your mind.

Learn more about the Stroke of Genius at

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